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Who We Are

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Ping Gangur

Ping is the director of Level Playing Field and has worked in the construction industry for over 7 years.

Her various roles include in-house legal counsel for a development company, building company and structural steel company. She is an Australian Legal Practitioner and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Commerce and Law (Hons).

As a Registered Domestic Builder (DB-U) and Commercial Builder (CB-L), she understands the specific challenges of head contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. Cash flow is a recurring concern for all parties, as are construction schedules, defects and liability. Working at a large structural steel company that worked on high risk commercial contracts, she understands the pressure tradespeople face.

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Bojan Gangur

Bojan has significant experience in building and construction site management and has successfully delivered numerous multi-unit sites. He has an Engineering degree from RMIT University and a Cert IV in Building and Construction. Previously, he owned and operated a tiling and waterproofing business.

Bojan is a skilled negotiator and provides advice on building methodologies and what constitutes defective work.

Julia Davies

Julia has worked in the Building Industry for over 20 years.

She has exceptional attention to detail and a sound understanding of building specifications and construction methodologies from administering contracts for a roof plumbing company and a building company.

As an accounts manager for a roof plumbing company for over 10 years, she is very familiar with invoicing, debt collection and the challenges the role entails.

Julia understands the complexities faced by tradespeople on site. She is skilled at assisting tradespeople to understand the Security of Payment legislation and how to ensure their invoicing methods are compliant with the legislation.

She has joined the Level Playing Field team to assist in legal support, training and administration.

Julia is a presenter of Interactive Education Training on the Security of Payments legislation.

How We Can Help

Ethical Approach

Level Playing Field takes a professional and ethical approach to resolving issues. The traditional lawyer is described as an “adversarial advocate.” Given the dynamics between parties in a construction industry, an adversarial approach often leads to economic loss for both parties and the destruction of the relationship.


We focus on asserting the rights of contractors, while exploring options to amicably resolve the dispute.


Failing this approach, we have the expertise and experience to pursue traditional legal methods.

Our Partners

Level Playing Field has strategic relationships with banks and financial institutions, quantity surveyors, building inspectors and barristers to effectively assist in managing a client’s debt recovery and cash flow issues.

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